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Specialized in EDI and Enterprise Content Management (ECM), (known in French as Dématerialisation), Prologue has been awarded the "Innovation company" certification by OSEO (France’s public investment organisation), in recognition of the quality and innovative nature of its research


Prologue in the Cloud

Many companies are planning to migrate their existing applications to the Cloud, and are evaluating their choices before engaging in this path, in terms of the risks they will be facing and how they can be mitigated..

They don’t have enough knowledge on how to assess the current providers, or how to secure their data integrity and privacy, and, in particular, they are uncertain about the future of their legacy applications:

Should they migrate them to the Cloud? What is the investment required? What are the risks? Use it Cloud Marketplace or UiC-M, issued from the CloudPort research project and funded by the French government’s Plan d’Investissement d’Avenir, will enable them to choose the migration plan best-suited for their business and move to one or more Cloud environments while guaranteeing not only interoperability of their applications across multi-Cloud environments, but also reversibility among various Clouds.

UiC-M uses for deployment the services provided by UiC-B, mainly the brokerage and management platform emerged from the CompatibleOne projet (an Open Source project also funded by the French government under the Plan d’Investissement d’Avenir).

Companies can therefore choose the cloud environment that best meets their needs

The Use it Cloud Broker solution offers the freedom to choose any Cloud supplier and thereby relieves customers from a variety of provisioning concerns and external constraints. Enterprises are entirely free to choose the supplier or suppliers that best meet their needs; to control the security of the environment in which the deployment is carried out; to dynamically adapt to requirement changes either by invoking additional resources,  or by deploying in multiple Cloud environments in any desired combination (Private-Public, Public-Public).

Use it Cloud Marketplace UiC-M augments this solution by enabling brokerage at application level: it provides application owners with the tools they need to port their applications to the Cloud, operate them in SaaS mode, and market them.

Use it Cloud Marketplace also allows buyers to choose applications that meet their specific needs, and use them in SaaS mode.

Prologue's Cloud solutions, built on well-established standards, offer short deployment times, real flexibility, and unlimited resources.


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