Prologue in the Cloud

By running applications in the Cloud, significant savings are possible. Resources in public Clouds are only paid when they are used. If the capacity is predictable, a reservation option is adopted leading to greater cost optimization.

Overall TCO is reduced, and flexibility in operation is obtained since elasticity can be activated automatically when unexpected loads  occur.

Moreover, disaster recovery solutions become affordable in the Cloud with the continuous reduction in basic costs of infrastructure resources (Compute, Storage and Network).  Prologue Use it Cloud Broker (UiC–B) delivers this capability and enables the management of the whole life cycle of the applications that have been deployed.

In addition to infrastructure resource optimization with Use it Cloud Broker, Prologue brings a solution to the application space, by allowing the enterprise to operate the deployed applications as a service in SaaS mode.

Consequently, the enterprise partners could benefit from this application by subscribing to the SaaS platform. It is left to the enterprise to make this access free or billable. In the latter case, new business opportunities may result for the enterprise, which would not have been the case in other contexts than the Cloud.

At this layer, Prologue puts forward the Use it Cloud Marketplace platform, or UiC-M. Building UiC-M on top of UiC-B brings maximum benefits in terms of freedom of choice of the Cloud providers, interoperability among applications running in different Clouds, and reversibility in case of a migration from one Cloud to another incurred by strategic, operational, or financial factors. 

In both platforms, UiC-B and UiC-M, Prologue provides management functions covering a wide range of services, such as identity management, billing, requirement and SLA description, provisioning plan building and execution, contract negotiation, information gathering, and knowledge base to perform semi-automatic or fully automated arbitrage in choosing the Cloud provider at IaaS or PaaS level.

This platform is designed to meet all enterprises needs in terms of technical, economical, security, operational, and regulatory requirements.

Through the adoption of international standards such as OCCI – Open Cloud Computing Interface, and by offering innovative brokerage solutions, Prologue helps the enterprise in controlling the choice of the Cloud service providers, managing in real time the lifecycle of all workloads running in the Cloud and orchestrating their execution among multiple Clouds.


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