Choice of Cloud infrastructure provider

Cloud Prologue

The Use it Cloud Broker solution offers the freedom to choose among Cloud providers.


With Use it Cloud Broker, enterprises can perform the following actions:

  • Selecting the best Cloud that meets predefined criteria (technical, financial, operational, legal, SLA…)

  • Automatic provisioning of resources

  • Seamless migration of workloads from one Cloud to another

  • Multi-Cloud orchestration

  • Configuration management

  • Multilevel security and Identity management

  • Monitoring of all resources in use from a common dashboard

  • Custom reporting and audit

  • Conformance to Standards

  • Flexibility to integrate new Clouds

  • Extendibility by leveraging existing Clouds evolution

Use it Cloud Broker is operated as a service (Brokerage-as-a-Service, BaaS), and is built on an advanced model for resources representation (CORDS Reference Manual - PDF). It is accessible over the Internet by any enterprise looking to subscribe to resources for the deployment of its applications and its data in the Cloud.

Use it Cloud Broker can be acquired in white label mode:

  • Global enterprises and major government bodies, looking for a solution to manage their Cloud purchasing process by introducing innovative tools for optimization.
  • Integrators, ISVs or Large Outsourcing companies who wish to operate public or private Brokerage platforms.


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Use it Cloud Broker

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