Document Capture, Digitization, ADR/OCR


Free yourself from your paper flows by integrating them into and automating them in your information system

The automated management of paper documents enables you to make all your document flows entirely digital, with automatic processing, and feed them into your ERP, EDM, workflow, document management tool, etc.

For your incoming paper documents

  • Provision of digitized documents

  • Interface with the Use it Flow platform for strong integration and automation of paper documents

  • Printing and distribution of paper documents:

    • To meet a requirement or desire to distribute the document in paper format

    • Integrates easily into the paper-to-digital chain (or vice-versa) for documents



   The advantages:

  • Cost reductions for the processing and distribution of mail: direct or indirect internal costs related to mail processing (up to 30% including access to pooled industrial postage rates)

  • Free yourself from the need to carry out ePublishing tasks by automating and integrating the process in your information system:

    •  Improved correspondence tracking
    •  Make printed and distributed documents more secure (the Imprimerie Nationale is classified as an Opérateur d'Importance Vitale - operator recognized as essential by the French government)
    • Move to all-digital without making major changes
  • Guarantee quality of service to your customers, suppliers and partners: relying on an "official" renowned partner (the Imprimerie Nationale is responsible for printing French passports, driving licenses, CERFA official forms, etc.).

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