Electronic Invoice


Improve your business processes with the Use it Flow paper-to-digital solution for your customer invoices and supplier invoices

Electronic invoicing for customers and suppliers allows your company to achieve considerable savings and optimize its processes, as well as helping you to maintain and consolidate your commercial relations..

With our global paper-to-digital Use-it-Flow platform, the management of "electronic invoices" is integrated into your information system, just like other commercial exchanges, such as: delivery slips, orders, etc.

Incoming supplier invoices or outgoing customer invoices are:

  • integrated into your management system,

  • processed and stored in the right place

  • all formats are certified, validated and secured

  • all flows, whatever the "format", can be handled:

  • paper or fax

  • simple invoice (facture simple)

  • invoice for tax purposes

  • Signed PDF

The benefits of the Use it Flow Electronic Invoice:

  • Improved productivity

  • Elimination of errors linked to re-entering data

  • Compliance with legislation - article 289 bis of the French Tax Code (CGI)

  • Reduction of costs

  • Traceability of invoicing flows


All these features and benefits are also applicable to other commercial exchanges, such as: orders, delivery slips, acknowledgement of receipt, etc.


Certification Use it Flow is GS1 certified for electronic invoicing for tax purposes

GS1 partenaire

Prologue has signed the GS1 Interoperability Charter for Invoicing Solutions


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