Enterprise Legal Storage and Archival

Dématérialisation Groupe Prologue

Fully secure and legally valid digital archiving, for a defined duration, with restitution in readable form.

Prologue offers digital archiving for a company's own documents, as well as the possibility of filing any document into the individual Document Safe of its employees, customers and partners.

Company Document Safe: the document Digital archiving solution is perfect for archiving all company data

The individual Digital Document Safe is suited to the filing of data for a third party* (maintaining the concepts of legal duration and validity)


In both cases, the company can make real savings by:

  • improving processes: automatic archiving enabling direct classification in real time; reduction of processing times; no loss of documents; quick archive searches,

  • the reduction of internal costs: reduced, or even eliminated, paper printing; reduced classification time; paper archiving costs are much higher than for digital archiving; elimination of post and packaging costs, etc.

  • … but also the security and confidentiality of documents filed electronically.


* Our Digital archiving and Document Safe solutions comply with AFNOR standard NF Z42-013.


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