Fax SaaS solution


Optimize the processing of your faxes with the Fax SaaS solution and benefit from a 24/7 service

Our Fax SaaS solution enables you to optimize the processing of your incoming or outgoing faxes and benefit from a service available at all times (electronic fax).
  • Save time:

Your incoming and outgoing faxes are managed by email from your workstation. No more waiting for the fax machine (freeing up the line or memory, printing of acknowledgement of receipt, etc.). The Fax SaaS solution therefore enables you to receive and send all your faxes directly from your workstation (electronic fax).
And no physical server for the management and administration of this service: the Fax SaaS solution therefore offers you a remote, secure and cost-effective service (without the need for a physical fax server).

Send out text messages, even in bulk. Whether your message is addressed to one or more recipients, you can write your text messages using your computer keyboard just like an email. It is sent via your messaging service and you receive an acknowledgement of receipt by email.


For bulk Business text messaging we also have a specific solution: see details here..

The Fax SaaS server is accessible 24/7. You can use it from your workstation whenever you want.


  • No need to change your working habits

Use the messaging service of your choice:

Messageries Fax SaaS Prologue

Just as for emails, you can attach the documents of your choice:

Fichiers compatibles Fax SaaS prologue


  • Make savings

The availability of the service over the internet reduces your delivery and consumption costs: All you need is internet access - you can eliminate fax machines, consumables (paper, ink, drum, etc.), and related maintenance costs, and you will be invoiced based on usage!

  • The Fax SaaS solution also ensures:

The confidentiality of your messages. Indeed, your documents only go through your workstation rather than being accessible on a fax machine, which is vulnerable from a security standpoint.

You can keep the same fax line. If you already use a fax line, you can keep it if you want. If not, you can choose a prefix for a new line (01, 02, 03, etc.).


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