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With Use it Flow, a paper-to-digital platform for documents for individuals / tenants / citizens or companies (craftsmen, very small businesses, etc.), you can save money, increase your productivity gains and secure your data exchanges

The Prologue and Digiposte partnership provides you with all Prologue's expertise in the move to all-digital documents (see details here) in the Digiposte (La Poste Group) Document Safe.

Integration with your IS

By integrating the paper-to-digital solution for individuals* into your management applications:

  • you benefit from a reduction in costs (savings on desktop publishing and postage costs)
  • you can quickly offer added value to your customers and employees (direct and automatic deposit of documents).



How does the Paper-to-digital solution for documents for individuals work*?


For enterprise :
  • Data to be sent retrieved directly from the relevant management application (sales management, payment software, rental management, ERP, etc.)
  • Paper-to-digital solution for data processing (whatever the source)
  • Sent automatically in the right format: either to the personal Digiposte Document Safe or to ePublishing software
For individuals * :
  • Documents with legal requirements for archiving received directly in the Document Safe
  • Documents received in paper format if the individual is not signed up to the Document Safe.
  • If the employee does not sign up to the Document Safe, the documents shall be sent to the company' ePublishing service - or via the Prologue ePublishing service - then sent to the individual by La Poste.



*Who do we mean by individual "recipients"?

-any natural person: individuals or citizens who have signed up to the Digiposte individual Document Safe
- any company (craftsmen, very small businesses, sole traders, etc.) searching for a secure archiving space to keep their administrative, banking, sales or other documents in compliance with legal requirements for archiving. 3 Gb of free archiving space.



picto-information.gif Further information on the Prologue solution:

Examples of documents exchanged

Why deposit documents?

The benefits for individuals

Examples of documents exchanged with individuals:
  • Payslips, employment contracts, (see our offer in detail)
  • Notice of end of contract periods
  • Receipts, inventory of fixtures
  • Follow-up, letters, recorded delivery slips, etc.
  • Schedule of payments
  • Invoices
  • etc.

but also any other information, even if there is no need to meet legal archiving requirements.


Why use a safe to deposit documents for an individual / citizen?

Using a safe to deposit - or exchange - your documents for an individual / citizen or a company ensures peace-of-mind in terms of:

  • Savings: by digitizing your exchanges, you can benefit from a significant reduction in ePublishing, postage and packaging costs

  • Productivity gains: with digital processes, all data comes directly from your management application and is sent to the "citizen" in the right format

  • Security: data is transferred automatically from your management application to the citizen, via a secure protocol, without the need to re-enter any data and without any loss of documents. Furthermore, the Use it Flow and Digiposte solution is compliant with regulatory standards on archiving periods and requirements

  • An additional string in your bow: you can then offer your customers an additional service: a free and secure personal Document Safe

A solution which can be adapted to your future needs and the legislation in force.

Benefits for individuals
  • Legal archiving: the Digiposte personal archiving solution enables documents to be stored for the duration of the legally-required archiving period (e.g. for life for payslips).

  • Free and personal storage space

  • A single archiving platform for all documents: individuals can group together all their documents in the Document Safe

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