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Delivering Cloud, IP Communications, and Enterprise Content Management & Exchange solutions

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Imecom Inc.

Prologue Group delivers solutions in three key areas that can contribute to the optimization of information systems for companies: 

  • Cloud Computing with a brokering platform for tailoring solutions to the needs of each business, and tools for porting and administrating applications in the Cloud with optimized, controlled and cost-effective deployment and management

  • Unified communication including telephony and fax over IP systems that are fully integrated within the enterprise information system

  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Exchange (EDI)  incoming and outgoing flows, as well as documents circulating within the company (including all formats and types of media, both paper and electronic), whether intended for customers, suppliers, administrations or other partners, or for employees and private individuals

Services (spanning from diagnostics, field studies, consulting, and deployment, to functional upgrade and maintenance), based around dematerialization, Cloud and IP communication, and covering information systems and development.

Distributed in SaaS mode or license-based mode, the set of solutions and services offered by Prologue Group contribute to the optimization of business information systems.

The know-how of the group is concentrated in three entities: Prologue s.a., Alhambra Eidos, and Imecom Inc., which together offer a perfect combination of skills and services to deliver optimal technological solutions.

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