Terminal access management

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Terminals are an essential means of access to Cloud computing applications for users. They allow these users to interact with application services (SaaS) and development tools (PaaS).

Their role may also be extended to providing access to administration and supervision consoles, allowing administrators to monitor their infrastructure in the Cloud, from any point of access worldwide..

Terminals :

Prologue's vision concerning terminals is based on the following guidelines:

No Single Dominant Device, but:

  • Co-existence between fixed and mobile devices
    • Fixed devices: Thin Client and Zero client (supplied by the company)
    • Mobile devices: Tablets and Smartphones (personal BYODs and/or supplied by the company)
  • Management of profiles and rights

  • Access to a wide range of applications and databases, both for professional purposes (supplied by the company) and for personal use (made available in public Clouds)

  • Access from anywhere (office, home, public spaces, etc.)

  • Automatic retrieval of session after interruption

  • Guarantee of stable operation through dynamic adaptation to variable bandwidth

  • High-fidelity on-screen restitution of multimedia scenes (see whitepaper here).



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