Bank Transfer SEPA Compliant


Use it Flow enables companies to perform SEPA banking exchanges via EBICS and provides a paper-to-digital solution for EBICS transfers, EBICS direct debits, arrears and rejections

The new European directives on EBICS-compliant SEPA banking transactions for companies come into force on February 1, 2014.

Use it Flow already meets these new provisions and supports SEPA banking exchanges via EBICS for companies, within the context of automated paper-to-digital solutions for:

  • EBICS-compliant SEPA transfers (including BIC and IBAN codes),

  • EBICS-compliant SEPA direct debits and related money orders

  • Rejections,

  • Bank statements,

  • Arrears


The characteristics of Use it Flow SEPA EBICS:

  • In SEPA format (obligatory before February 2014) and compliant with EBICS T or EBICS TS protocols (see our Migration study)
  • Complies with new regulations and all future developments*: fully secure transactions compliant with the SEPA protocol, recommended by the CFONB and Club SEPA (group of consultants, experts and IS/IT companies specializing in SEPA)
  • Achieve savings with a single tool for all your banks: a single platform to manage all your bank transfers and payments to suppliers or from bank to bank, whatever the number of organizations concerned (whilst also moving all your other documents over to digital format)
    •    Available in SaaS mode (or license),
    •    Archiving of direct debit orders,
    •    Simple and quick implementation without changes to working habits,
    •    Short processing times thanks to digital banking exchanges.


* Prologue is member of Club SEPA 2CE2S

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