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Make major savings by migrating your conventional fax server to a Fax over IP

Whether you already have an IPBX or not, Prologue offers different fax server solutions to meet your needs, your budget, and your standards set for your existing or future systems:
 Hardware solutions
Software solutions


picto-ip.gifThe benefits of Fax over IP

Based on IP technology, a fax messaging server allows you to achieve real savings over conventional fax systems in the following areas:

  • Costs of communication,

  • Free intra-enterprise communications for multi-site companies,

  • Least Cost Routing: by choosing the point of exit from the IP network closest to the end recipient in order to send the fax (both in France and abroad),

  • Hardware costs,

  • Elimination of need for modem cards,

  • Hardware, consumables, etc. compliant with ecologically responsible principles,

  • Centralization and optimization of servers,

  • Maintenance, associated equipment (wiring, etc.),

  • Less need for on-site visits.


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