Fax Server


Use it Messaging, an electronic fax server, optimizes your company's responsiveness and productivity with the acquisition, conversion and processing of all faxes within the information system

Prologue's electronic fax solution - fax server - combines different communication channels: fax, email, internet, text messages, voice messages, etc. and carries out the appropriate, fully secure processing for optimum productivity and responsiveness.

With the online fax server you benefit from:

  • Ease of use:
  • As simple as a telephone and integrated into the IP configuration already in place or planned
  • End-to-end delivery status notification in real-time
  • Ensures the evidential value of documents:
  • Document integrity
  • Fax timestamp with legal
  • Non-repudiation by the recipient
  • Direct use from the user workstation allows:
  • Flexibility: messaging service, business applications, web browser, network devices (scanners, photocopiers, etc.)
  • Productivity: automation, time savings, mobility, etc.
  • Confidentiality: every recipient or group of recipients is determined in advance.


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