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Send out Business text messages in bulk in a simple and cost-effective manner by integrating your customized "SMS" process into your information system

Prologue's Use it Business text messaging solution offers you a customized portal connected to your information system to draft, generate and automatically send out Business text messages in bulk..

In addition to the classic delivery benefits of Business text messaging, the Use it SMS solution provides you with:

  • Ease of use for all users with a dedicated portal. Each user can access the features assigned to them, with secure access management. Combined with state-of-the-art traceability, the management of bulk text messages is therefore completely under control and secure.
  • Automation of delivery processes, with integration into your information system. The bulk delivery process for text messages therefore becomes a separate tool.
  • Interface with applications already in place. To optimize the bulk delivery process for text messages, Use it Business text messaging will collect all the information necessary from the relevant databases. This interface will prevent any duplicates in databases and is easier to manage.
  • Savings  :
  • thanks to communication costs (delivery costs) which decrease along with volume. Aligned with the rates of the major market operators, you therefore benefit from customized, integrated and cost-effective text messages.
  • 100% hosted solution: no maintenance costs or dedicated server. You can therefore free yourself from resource management and focus on your target and messages.

Adaptable and malleable to your current or future needs, Use it Business text messaging is the customized solution for your Business text messaging requirements.

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