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The MEDUSA (Medical Distributed Utilization of Services & Applications) project aims to develop an
enhanced virtual system for medical collaboration.

The purpose of the MEDUSA project is to improve the quality of diagnosis and decision-making in acute and/or critical situations of a patient’s condition.
It provides a virtual trusted workspace so that physicians, wherever they are, can
collaborate and have direct access to all the information relevant to the patient being treated.
With its innovative technologies, not only will MEDUSA enhance the treatment of acute and chronic diseases, but also it will boost workflow and cost efficiency in European healthcare by offering advanced image processing techniques, real-time
processing, exchange of huge data sets, and collaborative environments as new, commercial services.
Prologue, with its strong expertise in multi-user technologies, takes part in the development of the Cloud collaboration platform that manages the deployment and lifecycle of the different service components of the MEDUSA project.


Project summary

Enhance the quality of diagnosis and decision making in acute and/or critical situations of a patient’s condition by enabling:

  • Fast image exchange
  • Real-time advanced image processing
  • Real-time automated data interpretation and decision support
  • Real-time synchronous collaborative diagnosis
  • Collaboration between physically dispersed physicians
  • Smart multisource health data integration
Business value
  • Improve workflow efficiency and effectiveness of medical treatments
  • Reduce healthcare costs by sharing images and expertise
  • Compensate for healthcare professionals staffing shortage with dedicated virtual expert groups



More information :medusa2013.png




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